Three Reasons To Amend Your Soil With Limestone

29 April 2020
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Your garden needs good soil to produce beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables. A mineral deficiency can lead to poor soil conditions and thus poor growth. One mineral that is often lacking in garden soils is lime. The following are three reasons why you may need to amend your soil with limestone. 1: Soil pH Correction Most garden plans, particularly vegetables, grow best in neutral soils. A neutral pH falls in the 5 to 7 pH scale, where it is neither extremely acidic or extremely basic. Read More 

6 Less-Traditional Uses For Brick Pavers

30 January 2020
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Brick pavers are one of the more interesting products to use in a yard, or even in a home. If you want to add some style to your place, here are 6 suggestions that'll send you to a brick pavers supply store. Garden Pathway An especially interesting idea is to stagger pavers slightly to allow some grass to grow up between them. This will give a path a very rustic look. Read More