6 Less-Traditional Uses For Brick Pavers

30 January 2020
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Brick pavers are one of the more interesting products to use in a yard, or even in a home. If you want to add some style to your place, here are 6 suggestions that'll send you to a brick pavers supply store.

Garden Pathway

An especially interesting idea is to stagger pavers slightly to allow some grass to grow up between them. This will give a path a very rustic look. Just make sure you bury them deep enough that they don't present tripping hazards or problems with mowing.


Stones for patios are usually fairly tightly packed and light-colored. Brick pavers give you a chance to go with a slightly darker appearance. Also, the patio surface will be somewhat rougher. This can give your patio a very old-world appearance.


Pouring concrete for a sidewalk is a pretty bland choice. Moving to brick pavers is a wonderful way to add some whimsy. Make sure you install a decent drainage system underneath the sidewalk, though, because the pavers are likely to allow a lot of rain through. A bit of gravel and a French-style drain system will ensure your new sidewalk doesn't become a janky mess of busted pavers.


A much more non-traditional use is to install the pavers as flooring. This is an especially good option for rooms that you want to build up some heat, such as a conservatory, a sunroom or a greenhouse.

To create a tight floor, you'll need to put down felt as a base. Set the brick pavers into the pattern you desire. Once everything is positioned to your satisfaction, you'll pour sand over top the flooring. Simply sweep the sand around to make sure the cracks are filled. It's even possible to apply a finish over the pavers and the sand to provide a sealed surface.

Pool Deck

Another area where brick pavers can be used to generate visual interest is as part of a pool deck. If you elect to treat the surface of the new pool deck, though, you should make sure to use a process that increases the friction level.

Fire Pits

In addition to building up a fire pit, you also can integrate the brick pavers into the surrounding space. For example, a fire pit can be worked into a patio, for example, by using the exact same type of pavers. The eye will then follow the path to the patio, eventually getting to the fire pit.