Solar-Powered Garden Lighting Options

28 December 2020
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Solar-powered lighting will eliminate the need to use extension cords and household lighting during outdoor events that will be held after the sun has set. Light up pathway bricks, ground or table orbs, and string lighting are three garden lighting solutions that can be installed independently or anchored to an existing item. 

Light-Up Pathway Bricks

Light-up pathway bricks contain photoreceptors that are chemically-activated when light hits them. At night, the lack of light will prompt the stored photons to produce a glowing effect that is similar to a low-wattage bulb. Light up pathway bricks can be used to create an entire walkway or they can be integrated into an existing design.

Because pathway bricks will lay flush with standard bricks that surround them, a walkway that contains this type of garden lighting will be stable and will support foot traffic. If you are going to use pathway bricks to create a new walkway, clear the property that is being accented and align the bricks next to each other, forming a pattern. For an existing walkway, remove random bricks and use light-up pathway bricks to replace them.

Ground Or Table Orbs

Large rounded rocks, gazing balls, or clear plastic planters that are circular in shape can be used to create ground or table orbs. If you choose a hollow structure for this type of lighting, use colorful stones, glass chips, or freshly-planted greenery to weigh down each orb. Clean and dry the surface of each item that is being used as a light source.

Use photoluminescent paint to cover each exposed surface. The paint will act in the same manner as the photoreceptors that are contained in the pathway bricks. During the day, each orb that contains a flat or glossy color of paint will look no different than a standard painted item. At night, the stored energy will be released and each orb will appear to be glowing. Place the orbs at either end of your garden or on opposite ends of a picnic table.

String Lighting

String lighting that is solar-powered may resemble twinkling lights that you would decorate your home with for the holidays or strands that contain larger bulbs that each produce a soft glow. Lights can be wound around a trellis or an overhang that is next to your garden. Intertwine the lights with greenery and flowers that are growing outdoors. At night, enjoy looking at the light display while you are seated on your patio or deck.