Design And Install A Cactus Garden

28 December 2019
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Pea gravel consists of small rounded stones that are each the size of a real pea. Tan, grey, white, and beige gravel pieces encompass this type of landscaping material. If you plan on setting up a cactus garden outdoors, clear land, plant the cactuses, and add a protective layer, prior to adding pea gravel to the display.

Prepare The Land

Cactuses thrive in warm, arid climates that receive full sunlight. You can add the garden to the center of your yard, if you are going to be using the feature as the focal point of your backyard barbecues or formal and informal family gatherings. If the central part of the property doesn't appeal to you, plan on setting the garden up along one edge of your property. Clear the land, use stakes to mark the outer edges of the garden, and add topsoil and fertilizer to the plot.

Transfer potted cactuses to the garden and water the plants deeply, so that their root systems soak up plenty of the liquid. Cactuses don't need to be watered often and this initial watering session will provide the plants with plenty of hydration for the first month. Use landscaping fabric to cover the dirt that surrounds the plants. This fabric will block grass and weeds from growing and altering the appearance of the garden.

Add Pea Gravel To The Garden

Purchase a few bags of pea gravel to get started with the project. If your cactus garden is large in size and you estimate that you will need many bags of the landscaping gravel, order the gravel and request that it is delivered. Use a scoop to transfer the gravel from each bag to the cactus garden. Use the back of the scoop to spread the gravel pieces out. Add plenty of pea gravel so that all of the soil is concealed in entirety.

To prevent pea gravel pieces from leaving the confines of the cactus garden, use wooden planks, bricks, or pavers to create an outline around the garden. Choose border materials that contain earth tones and that possess textured or scalloped edges, that will enhance the landscaping feature. Plan a monthly watering session, in which you soak the garden in order to provide the cactuses with plenty of water. Pea gravel pieces can be a permanent fixture in your yard. To freshen up pieces that have a dull exterior, rinse the gravel off with warm water.