Four Steps For Using Your Self Storage Units

15 September 2015
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When you are renting a storage unit, such as Regency Self Storage, it is important to make great decisions about it, so that you can get the most of its use and value. There are some great pieces of advice that you can keep in mind for this rental, whether you are using it for storing garden equipment and supplies, setting aside household belongings or putting aside items while you are getting ready for a move. To take advantage of your storage unit, use this information to your advantage. 

Learn Some Ways To Save Space Inside Of Your Storage Unit

You maximize your money and time when you arrange your storage unit in a way that makes the most sense for you. First of all, be sure that you break down your furniture whenever possible, as opposed to putting it in there whole. Make sure that you stand your large furniture pieces up the best that you can, in order to have more room to move around. You should also be sure that you cover these pieces with a canvas, sheet or some other form of protective covering to keep them safe throughout the duration of use. 

Create A Walkway

While you will be eager to stuff your storage unit with as many items as possible, you will need to be sure that you leave a walkway at the back of the rental. This way, you will have space to maneuver items however you want and will have full access once you decide to start removing items. Forgetting to leave this walkway can create a tiring burden when it comes time to empty out specific pieces. 

Provide Labels For All Of Your Boxes

While you will be breathing a sign of relief when stacking your storage unit, it can become easy to forget what is stored inside of each. Even if you come back 6 months later, it can become a complete guessing game. To avoid this, label each and every one of your containers and also keep a list or spreadsheet of everything stored inside of these bins or boxes. 

Use Pallets Inside Of Your Storage Unit

Arranging pallets inside of your storage unit will help you to avoid damage to your items. You will be placing your belongings on top of these pallets, so that any moisture that seeps underneath the doors is not able to affect the items. You can purchase pallets from the storage facility or get them second hand from a warehouse or factory that is getting rid of theirs. 

Use these steps to the best of your ability so that your storage unit gives you the best service possible.